13 MHZ TO 5.8 GHZ | UP TO 1.7KW

Solid State Power Amplifiers

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Leave the amplifier
design to us and focus
on your end system


Easy to scale
to higher power levels


frequency and power
control at your fingertips



Next generation applications:

  • Plasma Generation
  • Dielectric Heating
  • Industrial Heating & Drying
  • Cooking
  • Medical Technologies
  • And Many More!


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2.4 TO 2.5 GHZ | 300W


  • Suitable for CW and pulsed signals
  • High gain, 40 dB
  • High efficiency, 60%
  • Built-in monitoring and protection for temperature, current, forward and reflected power
  • User-friendly I2C control interface


27 MHZ | 1.7 KW


  • Suitable for CW and pulsed signals
  • 26 dB gain
  • High efficiency, 80%
  • Built-in monitoring for temperature and current Built-in emergency switch-off


Datasheet Coming Soon


27 MHZ | 75W


  • 1 input to 4 19W output channels
  • Suitable for CW and pulsed signals
  • 16 dB gain at P3dB
  • High efficiency, 55%
  • Integrated harmonic suppression
  • Temperature compensated gate bias




Datasheet Coming Soon


2.4 TO 2.5GHZ | +25 DBM

Signal Generator and Controller ISC-2425-25+

  • High-resolution control range of key RF parameters
  • Freely programmable with comprehensive command language
  • Embedded functionalities for end-user applications
  • Standalone or multi-channel operation (coherent or incoherent modes)
  • Easy integration with control protocols such as RS422 & RS485

Datasheet Coming Soon

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ISM bands up to 5.8 GHz

10W to 25+ kW.

Product specifications are subject to change without warning.